21 April 2012


okay so its been a while since the last post and have been pretty lazy member of this blogging world so going to try to make the effort from now on -mainly because this blog has been veeeeeeery boring and also because I am starting to get old and beginning to forget the best times of my life so this seems like a good storage unit...But that is fine by me as I'll now enjoy this photoshop-ed and edited version of my memory! (I'd rather forget all the drunk and cringe worthy moments anyways) Thirdly I need an outlet to post cute pictures of my 3 dogs (as my friends are getting bored of me showing them….) I'm currently traveling around California at the moment for a bit of work and play so seems a good time for the first post of The Babies /  The Hounds of Hell (as they are collectively know depending if they have been very good / very naughty!)  as I miss them soooo much.  I'm gonna take a trip down memory lane with the TOP 10 All Time Cutest pictures of them at some point but for now I'll spare you with just this one …as it would make a pretty darn cute picture postcard of home… I wish you were here Babies! xx

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